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Published on 1 April 2022

Metrology: New horizons emerge daily!

Using METRIOS, the digital and fully automated optical measuring tool, ASTIC underlines its commitment to Quality.

We recently installed two new digital three dimensional measuring machines in our factory. They are adapted to 4IR industries. METRIOS technology was chosen for its advantages in both quality and productivity.

Guaranteeing the conformity of manufactured parts – whilst eradicating human error, METRIOS drastically reduces the number of rejects. « A determining factor for a company like ours, which places quality at the centre of its activity» explains managing director, David ASTIC.

METRIOS processes data in record time (a few seconds).
Technology that significantly reduces inspection times (essential when parts have to be measured manually with conventional measuring tools).
Other advantages like reproduction and repetition of measurements during production and insert fitting.
The traceability of measurements is of particular interest in certain applications and the monitoring of critical costs.

« This is especially interesting, as the measurements and controls are carried out without the operator having to handle the product excessively » continues David ASTIC.

High quality, rapidity, reliability, reproductivity, productivity etc… until now no traditional measuring tool could do all this. « Nowadays all of our clients benefit from this technology,  it gives us an undeniable competitive edge » sums up David ASTIC.