Mould making

High-tech, customised, moulds.

Technical, innovative and designed to last, the tools we create meet the needs of complex parts, moulded or over-moulded by injection, produced in limited numbers or several million.

Prototypes, pilots, multi-cavity or multi-component moulds. Hot runner, mono or bi-material. We are equipped to manufacture all types of steel mould up to 1 tonne.


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Our added value

Our in-house mould making workshop.

We have our own mould making workshop. This way we preserve our, precious, industrial know-how and allows us to be both flexible and responsive. Ultimately guaranteeing the stability and high quality of our products.

Guaranteed quality.

Our moulds come with a guarantee that ensures our customers receive goods that fully meet their expectations, throughout their production.

The launch of each new product gives rise to a rigorous process, checking the IOD and verifying the IS, crucial steps in the future conformity of every product.


Storing moulds in a safe location.

The moulds that we manufacture for our customers remain their property. We store the moulds made for them, in a suitable and secure place. Each and every production benefits from the attentive care of our experienced mould maintenance and repair team.

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