Quality Environmental and Security Management

Guarantee of excellence.

Since 1994 we have adhered to a number of quality controls. Certified ISO 9002 in 1998, then ISO 9001 in 2002, we obtained the ISO 14001 standard in 2009.

In pursuit of our goal of continuous improvement, we received EN 9100 certification in 2017. Today, more than ever, our Product & Process Quality and Control departments are structured to guarantee Quality Assurance & Metrology of all our products.


Our added value

100% integrated quality.

Certified management systems. Risk management. Process validation. Tests and controls at every phase of manufacturing. Measuring calibration, by both internal and certified external organisations. Preventative machine maintenance… we do everything we can to guarantee the quality of our production and satisfy our customers.

Guaranteed traceability.

We guarantee the traceability of all products manufactured in our workshops, their components and the quality of each lot. Thanks to our ERP and the digitalisation of our production equipment.

Environmental protection.

Keen to limit, as much as possible, the impact of our activities on the environment, we are committed to carrying out a complete carbon footprint review. We also, voluntarily, invest in the Clean Sweep operation, an initiative created for companies in the plastics industry, to achieve zero loss of pellets into the environment. To achieve this, we invest, advise and provide practical tools in order to increase awareness for our teams on the ground.