Security and precision a leitmotif.

Accustomed to tight tolerances and with specific know-how, we produce high-tech injected materials for the paramedical sector. Our capacity for micro-precision, means we develop solutions that meet the demands and objectives of our customers.

Our strengths

Traceability of every lot, at every stage of production.

Our ability to produce high-precision over-moulded parts that are very small or have aesthetic constraints.

Our teams trained in the specific requirements of the paramedical sector.

Our references

Close collaboration!

Mastery of: injection in ABS , filter assembly and ultrasonic soldering! We supply, this part, directly to our long term client, who works in a specialised, growth area.

Personnalisation to the core!

A number of complex sub-assemblies are produced in our factory, using a variety of technologies, to assure perfect customisation.

Solutions for an innovative player in health, comfort and well-being.

High precision

Ultra precision moulding, in high temperature PPSU, on a medical stainless steel insert.  PPSU resistant to hydrolysis and high energy radiation.

Important high tech solutions for dentistry.