High precision plastic injection.

Our know-how is put to service in many demanding sectors: aeronautics, manufacturing, health etc…. Thanks to our qualified teams and a pool of 16 state-of-the-art machines (automation, 6-axis unloading, digitisation, batch traceability), we can adapt quickly and efficiently to the needs of small or large orders, transforming high-performance thermoplastic materials. The strict controls that we apply at each stage of manufacturing guarantees the quality of each product, from start to finish.

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Our added value

High precision manufacturing.

Our production is digitalised and fully automated for maximum transparency and traceability. We produce parts with optimal reliability, ranging from 5 thousandths of a gram to 1 kg, with or without an insert. Requirements that require skills, machines, specialised know-how and quality control at every stage of production.

Perfect production control.

Our service, dedicated to industrialisation and automation, provides the link between the tool making workshops and those of series moulding. Our teams, specialised in plastic injection, work in 3 x 8 hour shifts. A choice that optimises production and significantly reduces costs.

Production team consistency.

Some of our employees have been with us since the creation of the company. Consistency, that, over time, establishes expertise and guarantees mastery of our work. We support our employees throughout their careers and we ensure that know-how is passed on from one generation to the next. Every year, we welcome engineering students and technicians, on work experience, and train them in order to perfect their knowledge.