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Combining experience, expertise and flexibility with responsiveness, AII is present in a variety of different sectors, at the cutting edge of  technology in industry. We are able to supply both national and international customers and adapt to the supply demands of production runs ranging from around fifty to several million parts.

For example, industrial marking, electrical engineering, the telecommunications or online banking industries are markets in which we are a key player.



Online banking and telecommunications

Assembled unit for urban transport that meets precise specifications: the resistance and solidity of PC/ABS with a perfect aesthetic finish.


Household appliances

Large production runs for parts

This subassembly manufactured in large production runs is part of an induction table: it is produced and assembled in house.


Industrial marking

Complex moulding of brass inserts

Two-part subassembly – high –performance material to meet the dimensional requirements of a precision application.



Micro gears and small parts

Certain thermoset parts with gilded insets are included in the fabrication of electro-technical parts subjected to narrow constraints.