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Over 400 materials


Specialist in the transformation of advanced, engineered thermoplastic materials and thermoset materials we successfully transform over 400 references.
We stock 200 advanced, engineered, technical and commodity polymer references in our on-site warehouse.

• high-technology polymers: PAA, PEEK, PEI, PPO, PSU, PPS, PPA, PES
Used for very specific, critical applications, these high-technology polymers offer unique characteristics that often call for the proven experience of our team.

• technical polymers: ABS-PC, POM, PA (4.6, 6, 6.6, 6.10, 11, 12), PBT, PC, PET, TPE, PMMA, TPU
These often charged polymers or copolymers are used for their excellent mechanical resistance, chemical stability and/or fire resistance properties amongst others.

• commodity polymers: PE, PP, PS
These polymers, used in a wide category of industrial applications, come into play when the economic criteria is paramount and also when the notion of volume is present.

• thermoset polymers: DAP, Epoxy
Thermoset materials call for experience in transformation technology, for which we have two vertical presses: they are used in particular for very specific electrical engineering applications.

When your project  requires it, we can provide the following services:

• Purchase from specialists of tailor-made colouring materials: development of coloured compounds or masterbatch materials

• Development and purchase of special compounds

• Issuance of certificates of conformity (material, RoHS, REACH, etc.)

• Tracking of materials throughout our production processes – no exceptions. For the same material reference all our batches are numbered, labelled and monitored


A complet list of materials