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Personalised support


Our experienced engineering department provides high added value in terms of consulting and creativity to develop and design products, parts, inserts and tools for you.

Consulting R&D
Working in close collaboration, our specialists bring your project to fruition:


• Conception and R&D,
• Material Expertise,
• Design,
• Studies: Rheology, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Mould Design
The R&D department and tooling workshop collaborate closely to finalise the drawings and design your moulds.

• 3 CAD stations
• 3D STEP, IGES and X-T files, NATIF TOPSOLID files or THINK Design files accepted
• 2D DXF or DWG files accepted
• CAD/CAM software in 2D/3D 2008 version of THINK Design, TOPSOLID latest version

Part Design
Based on your design drawing consultations, the Engineering Department will provide a “tailor-made” service until the final design of your technical part is defined.
As precision technical part specialists, our customers find a solution from us to specific requirements such as:

• gears, parts with extremely high tolerances

• decorative parts, individual parts or assemblies built from components or over-mouldings of machined inserts, stamped, cutout blades, machined ceramics, nylon fabrics, etc.

• technical parts resistant to extreme environments, temperature, chemical or otherwise

• heavy wearing parts/ tribological parts

• transparent parts demanding particular attention to the aspect or optical requirements.